ED LOGO 3Edmund Fargher – Performer/Director
Ed took his first improv comedy class with Hoopla Impro in 2013. Since then, he has completed courses, workshops and classes with Second City, iO, Upright Citizens Brigade and The Nursery. He was one of the founding members of Giggle Loop and a member of Story Kitchen Impro, London’s TheatreSports and Maestro troupe. He is currently in the cast of Sonder’s latest production that will be premiering at SWIMP in Uppsala, Sweden.

He was also the co-founder of Podcast Adventures, the host of Sketch, Please!, Ed & Friends and the producer of Dead Drunk Detective podcasts.

Sophie Logo1Sophie Pumphrey – Performer
Sophie started first trained in improv over 10 years ago with Alan Marriott, the founder of The Crunchy Frog Collective, Grand Theft Impro and the first London TheatreSports troupeSince then has worked with many other wonderful teachers like Susan Messing (IO, Annoyance), Rachel Mason (IO, Second City), and Colleen Doyle and Jason Schotts of Dummy. She has set up and performed in various improvised comedy groups including the fabulous Made Up Like Tarts and C3467x, the fable-making Fat Perm duo, and is currently starring in the satirical BIG NOW! in and around London as well as ClusterFox and Somewhat Theatre.

TRILLY LOGO 3Trilochon Chatterjee – Performer
Trilly is a longtime improviser with MissImp Nottingham and a founding member of Fisticuffs and C3467X (which would then come to be known as C3?). Since then he has appeared in many groups around the UK. He is currently a member of the freeform group Ripcord, Somewhat Theatre and Soundcheck.


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