Life is complicated in even the most familiar of settings. Sometimes, all it takes for the staff of a local Tesco Supermarket to change their lives is that moment when “the happiest girl in the world sees in to his eyes”… and a T-Minus improv set.

Last Thursday, Ed Fargher and Juwel Haque hosted a special one-off comedy night at The Nursery Theatre as part of their off-season. They were also joined by their friends The Parentheticals, BIG NOW and Awkwardly Quiet. it was a fantastic night. You’d have been a fool to miss it. Or at the Edinburgh Fringe. Lots of people are.


Special thanks to Emma Burford for the volunteering to take these brilliant photos.

You can see us next at The Horse & Stables on Sunday 27th August for C3? Presents: bold & SuperJam II!

tminus bold 27aug17 wide


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