2017 was a brilliant year for us at T-Minus! Right from our first show at The Miller to our last circuit on The Carousel at The Nursery. It’s been great and we it’s been thanks to a bunch of people:

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The cast; Sophie Pumphrey, Trilly Chatterjee, and Liam Brennan
Guest Performers; Juwel Haque and Rory Vieyra
Tech Improvisers; Juwel Haque, Arfie Mansfield, Keith Malda, Nick Allibone, Steve Roe and Stephen Davidson.
Hosts; Hoopla, C3?, 20% Less, Duck Duck Goose, The Nursery, Jack Left Town
Everyone that came to see our show, set our timer, and/or gave us a suggestion.

Time’s up for 2017, but the countdown has only just started for 2018. We’ve got a new year schedule brewing already!

T-Minus Table5

Which means the next gig is on 11th January with the Parenteticals at Bracket Racket! When exactly? Well… you’ve got until this timer runs down:

Come and see a show soon! We’ll see you when the clock runs out!

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