What does it mean when a swarm of flying ants attacks the staff of a swimming baths after 4 minutes? it can only be the apocalypse… and a T-Minus improv set.

Last Sunday, C3?‘s pals 20% Less hosted bold. A free improv show in the heart of South London, where Ed and Trilly workshopped the T-Minus format for a lovely viewing audience.

Poor old Liam fell ill, so friend of the group, Juwel Haque, joined us for the set.

There were also tremendous performances from the all female 20% Less, the all-new twoprov Hugh & Mates, C3Something themselves, Amorphous Horse, Genre Claude Van Damme and even a special set from Kemah and Nana. If you weren’t there, you really missed out!

Special thanks to Mariana Feijo Fernandes for the marvellous snaps.

You can see us next at The Nursery on Thursday 24th August for Play Time! #BroadgateNotCowgate

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