In 8 short days, T-Minus will be making their Nursery debut at their marvellous new theatre space in Broadgate!

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The Nursery’s off-season plays host to us and a bunch of other Edinburgh orphans that want to play, even though we didn’t get to go to the Fringe this year. #BroadgateNotCowgate

Who else can you see at the show? How about these guys!


BIG NOW are London’s premier moment-based improv collective.

BIG NOW are the gigantic Lizzy Mace, the vast Arfie Mansfield and the world’s largest Sophie Pumphrey.

BIG NOW are big. BIG NOW are now. BIG NOW.

1471665708ParentheticalsFB_profileThe Parentheticals are an international group of improvisers who make up epic quests. What will we search for? You decide! Expect scenes with strange people and talking animals.


Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 17.20.36Awkwardly Quiet is the international duo of Lecoq-trained actor Andreas Södermark and award winning comedy performer Lizzy Mace (UK).

Emerging from the players’ shared love of calm, simple, organic improv, Awkwardly Quiet is equal parts emotional connection and big dumb fun. 

And T-Minus will get to put on a show with a full cast as well!


It’s the best fun you can have without getting on a  train to Edinburgh! #BroadgateNotCowgate

Here are the details:
DATE: Thursday 24th August 2017
TIME: 8pm
WHERE: 2 Finsbury Ave, London EC2M 2PA, UK
NEAREST TUBE: Liverpool Street/Moorgate

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